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Image 02

Lowest temperature: 2.5K

Energy resolution: 3.5 meV

Dreamline ARPES in Shanghai

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Image 02 Image 02

High energy-resolution: 5meV@20eV 20meV@1000eV

Energy range: 20-2000eV  (can probe surface and bulk state)

He-3 Sub-K ARPES

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Image 02

Refrigerating medium: He3

Lowest temperature: 0.63K

Can use both Helium-lamp and 7eV-laser to probe. And we can have higher energy-resolution by using 7eV-laser.


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Equipped with 7 evaporator source

Vacuum degree: 5*10-11 Pa

The information of film can be observed by RHEED and STM


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Highest repetition rate for laser: 10Hz

Highest energy/pulse: 500mJ

Heating teperature of the sample is up to 850 degree Celsius

Vacuum degree is better than 5*10-7 Pa

Surface roughness of the sample is less than1 nm


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